Avaira Vitality


The best solution for nearsightness and farsightness, Buy Cooper Vision Avaira Vitality contact lenses for long-lasting comfort at affordable price.

6 lenses/box



Avaira Vitality is a silicon hydrogel lenses which control your eye dryness and filtered UV rays upto   90%. The breathable technology allows oxygen flow to keep the eyes healthy and fresh. High water content keeps your comfort level high.

-0.50 SPH to -6.00 SPH (0.25 steps)


-6.50 SPH to -12.00 SPH (0.50 steps)

+1.00 SPH to +8.00 SPH (0.50 steps)

Dia: 14.2 mm

Base Curve: 8.5 and 8.4 in plus power


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