Hi-Q SunTech Upto -8.0 SPH


Suntech is an ophthalmic lens that darkens on exposure to specific type of light of sufficient intensity, most commonly UV radiation. In absence of activating light the lens return to their clear state.


We use an innovative mechanism for lens fitting, you will never find your eyeglass faulty.

This price is for one pair

Please see the description before buying this product.


  • Eyewear Anti reflective Hi-Q SunTech optical lens
  • Refractive Index : 1.56
  • Abbe Value: 41
  • Darker Outdoor (Gray)
  • Clearer Indoor
  • Coatings :
  • Hard Multi Coating (Green)
  • Anti-Static & Super Hydrophobic Coated
  • Anti-Reflection (Hard Multi-Coated)
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Quality Grade : AA
  • Power Range : 0 to -8.00 SPH
  • CYL : 0 to -2.00
  • Quality Guarantee :No lens color fade , No yellowing
  • Life upto 2 years


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