Transition Blue-Cut upto -6.0 SPH

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Benefit from wearing Transition blue cut lenses is that , they ensure confidence and comfort by maintaining clear and sharp vision all day long, in addition to enhancing your vision if you are using digital devices for more than 3 hours a day, it gets darker in the sunlight rapidly and get back to clear indoor

We use an innovative mechanism for lens fitting, you will never find your eyeglass faulty.

This price is for one pair

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  • Eyewear Anti reflective Transition blue light blocker optical lens
  • Refractive Index : 1.56
  • Abbe Value: 41
  • Darker Outdoor (Gray)
  • Clearer Indoor
  • Coatings :
  • Hard Multi Coating (Blue)
  • UV Blue Light Blocker
  • Anti-Static & Super Hydrophobic Coated
  • Anti-Reflection (Hard Multi-Coated)
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Quality Grade : AA
  • Power Range : 0 to -6.00 SPH
  • CYL : 0 to -2.00
  • Quality Guarantee :No lens color fade , No yellowing
  • Life upto 2 years

1 review for Transition Blue-Cut upto -6.0 SPH

  1. Farhan Khan (verified owner)

    These lenses are really good. Combines the transition lens with blue light filters. The finish is excellent. I don’t see any reflections of lights at night. Perfect views.

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