Flexcon Extended Wear Toric


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Flexcon Toric for those who have high astigmatism (Cylindrical) and lower Spherical power, it gives you brighter vision than your eyeglasses, These lenses can be wore whole week (but it is recommended to remove while sleeping because of dusty atmosphere)
Note: Toric Lenses are made according to your prescription from Singapore, It take 8 to 10 weeks to deliver.
– You have to provide your K readings (Kyrato readings) which can be done from any eye clinic/eye hospital. 

Dia: According to your eye size

Base Curve: According to your eye size

Available Powers:

+/- 0.50 SPH  to +/- 20.00 SPH
+/- 0.75 CYL to +/- 6.00 CYL

Axis 0 degree to 180 degree


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